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The latest hot topic in the footballing world right now is racism. We have Luis Suarez being found guilty of using insulting words with reference to race, and just this evening it is alleged that Oldham FC footballer Tom Adeyemi was racially abused by a member of the Liverpool crowd during tonight’s FA Cup game between Liverpool and Oldham. I should stress that this is only an allegation, coming mainly from Twitter, and mainly from a particularly odious (in my opinion) reporter in the name of Ollie Holt, who writes for the Mirror. (more…)


Okay okay, so the title isn’t quite true…

Yesterday, Ross Noble got his Twitter followers to “Twitbomb” Duncan Bannatyne’s Twitter account with silly questions and absurd Dragon’s Den proposals, in order to hopefully solicit a humourous response from the surly Scottish businessman. It’s known as “Twitterbombardment” and is a way of brightening up many people’s days. This is a very recent phenomenon, started by Noble, and has proven very successful so far…his first target, Labour MP Kerry McCarthy, was probably a little surprised at first, but to her absolute credit she played along and responded to as many questions as she could through the day, so she gets my vote as “MP Of The Year”. Although others have proven slightly less successful (The Vatican twitter feed failed to respond) it’s been a very fun way of spending an afternoon.


It seems that Twitter has become the latest method of the press and various news outlets to gather stories for their sites and papers. Many news sites have reported on Stephen Fry’s twitter saying he’s thinking of disconnecting from the twitterverse. It’s fair enough for the media to comment on famous people, but really? Twitter? I really think the barrel is well and truly being scraped in terms of getting news as quickly as possible. Twitter is a powerful tool of communication, allowing celebrities to keep in touch with their fans…it’s rare for a celebrity figure not to have a twitter account. But should the media be getting their stories from it?