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Finally, we started receiving news of driver repositioning in F1, after weeks, months even, of speculation and silence across the teams. We now have a little bit more idea of what will happen next season, with a few confirmations and solid rumours replacing all the uncertainty. What is certain is that Kimi Raikkonen will not be in F1 next season, instead preferring to look at the opportunities in WRC, and as a Finn that is a style well known to him.



It’s amazing how the mighty can fall so quickly. Andre Agassi published his autobiography today, which revealed how he lied to get out of a drugs ban. Agassi tested positive in 1997 but managed to convince the ATP that he had not done so knowingly, blaming it on his former assistant who was a known user of crystal meth. At the time Agassi was suffering his worst year as a professional tennis player, with his ranking dropping down to 141 at one point. He has confirmed the details of the letter he wrote to the ATP professing his innocence.


In July 2008 Bernie Eccleston agreed a contract with Donington Park to host the British Grand Prix from 2010 for seventeen years. Plans were drawn up and put together to build facilities that would meet the F1 supremo’s stringent standards, and costs were estimated at around £100 million. Chief Executive of Donington, Simon Gillett, said at the time that he was confident of raising the necessary funds to ensure the go-ahead of the race.


Another weekend of gripping Premiership action, and more results that weren’t quite what was expected. Spurs beaten at home by Stoke, Wolves snatching a draw with Villa, Birmingham beating Sunderland, and Hull and Portsmouth sharing a point. There was one expected result, that of Chelsea beating Blackburn, but I doubt anyone really saw Blackburn conceding five goals in all. It’s been another fascinating Saturday in the Premiership, with more games lined up for Sunday which promise to be corking.



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Hello, and welcome to News Discontent. The purpose of this site is to provide an alternative view on current events and world news. It is mostly opinionated, and discussion is most certainly welcomed, if you agree or disagree with anything I write about then let me know…your views are important!

There have been several very newsworthy events over the past few days, mostly involving issues such as homophobia, racism, immigration, and the general public’s feelings about the BNP appearing on Question Time. The world of sport is no less busy, with the driver merry-go-round and FIA presidential voting in F1, Liverpool losing 4 games in sucession as well as the “beachballgate” affair against Sunderland in football, and the World Series in US baseball. I am still yet to determine whether any teams other than those based in the US play in the supposed World Series!

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