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Over the past few days we have seen a quite frankly staggering series of claims regarding the ongoing investigations into the allegations of “hacking” at the News Of The World. The allegations began in 2006, when charges were made against Clive Goodman, the Royal Editor at the newspaper at that time, and Glenn Mulcaire, a private investigator hired by the paper. At the time nobody really understood the extent of the situation, and the Met (having locked up two people) left it at that.

But it turned out that they had only scratched the surface.



After the second weekend of racing in this year’s Formula One calendar, it has become clear that with the most recent rule changes a different beast has been awakened within the sport. Announced as part of measures intended to increase overtaking, they include a new moveable rear wing that can be used in designated areas of a track, a new tyre supplier who was instructed to deliberately make tyres that wear quickly, the re-introduction of KERS power boost, and the return of the 107% qualifying rule.