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The latest hot topic in the footballing world right now is racism. We have Luis Suarez being found guilty of using insulting words with reference to race, and just this evening it is alleged that Oldham FC footballer Tom Adeyemi was racially abused by a member of the Liverpool crowd during tonight’s FA Cup game between Liverpool and Oldham. I should stress that this is only an allegation, coming mainly from Twitter, and mainly from a particularly odious (in my opinion) reporter in the name of Ollie Holt, who writes for the Mirror. (more…)


Today, Richard and Mayumi Heene, the parents involved in the “Balloon Boy” hoax of October this year, were sentenced to jail in a Colorado court. Richard Heene will spend 90 days in jail, whilst his wife Mayumi will spend 20 days locked up.


Over the course of the last week, the United Kingdom has been hit by a weather system moving from Siberia, which brought heavy snowfall and icy conditions. Many parts of the country, particularly the South-East, have become mired in transport problems with people forced to abandon cars until it was safe to retrieve them. In the last day or so, we have seen several accidents caused by the conditions. In Cornwall, a coach skidded on black ice into a ditch, killing two people and injuring many more. The first police car onto the scene also lost control and skidded into the coach. At Glasgow Prestwick, a Ryanair flight overshot the runway on landing, although no injuries have been reported as a result the airport has been forced to divert aircraft and cancel flights whilst the Ryanair plane is recovered. So why does the country go into panic mode at the first hint of snowy weather?


This story has been doing the rounds on twitter, as well as on various blogging and micro-blogging sites, so I’ve had chance to look at the story from a few different perspectives. The background of it is this: Paul Clarke, a former soldier, found a sawn-off shotgun and ammo in his back garden in a black bag (probably thrown over by local ruffians). He calls his local police station and asks to see the chief superintendent the next day. When he goes in with the gun and ammo, instead of being allowed on his way he was arrested for possession of an unlicensed firearm.


It seems that Twitter has become the latest method of the press and various news outlets to gather stories for their sites and papers. Many news sites have reported on Stephen Fry’s twitter saying he’s thinking of disconnecting from the twitterverse. It’s fair enough for the media to comment on famous people, but really? Twitter? I really think the barrel is well and truly being scraped in terms of getting news as quickly as possible. Twitter is a powerful tool of communication, allowing celebrities to keep in touch with their fans…it’s rare for a celebrity figure not to have a twitter account. But should the media be getting their stories from it?



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There have been several very newsworthy events over the past few days, mostly involving issues such as homophobia, racism, immigration, and the general public’s feelings about the BNP appearing on Question Time. The world of sport is no less busy, with the driver merry-go-round and FIA presidential voting in F1, Liverpool losing 4 games in sucession as well as the “beachballgate” affair against Sunderland in football, and the World Series in US baseball. I am still yet to determine whether any teams other than those based in the US play in the supposed World Series!

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