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Tiger Woods – An Obituary

Posted: November 27, 2009 in Entertainment, Sport
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Today, the world lost one of its most influential and recognisable sportspeople, the professional golfer, Tiger Woods. Herein lies my tribute to the greatest golfer of his generation.



It seems that Twitter has become the latest method of the press and various news outlets to gather stories for their sites and papers. Many news sites have reported on Stephen Fry’s twitter saying he’s thinking of disconnecting from the twitterverse. It’s fair enough for the media to comment on famous people, but really? Twitter? I really think the barrel is well and truly being scraped in terms of getting news as quickly as possible. Twitter is a powerful tool of communication, allowing celebrities to keep in touch with their fans…it’s rare for a celebrity figure not to have a twitter account. But should the media be getting their stories from it?



Posted: October 23, 2009 in General
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Hello, and welcome to News Discontent. The purpose of this site is to provide an alternative view on current events and world news. It is mostly opinionated, and discussion is most certainly welcomed, if you agree or disagree with anything I write about then let me know…your views are important!

There have been several very newsworthy events over the past few days, mostly involving issues such as homophobia, racism, immigration, and the general public’s feelings about the BNP appearing on Question Time. The world of sport is no less busy, with the driver merry-go-round and FIA presidential voting in F1, Liverpool losing 4 games in sucession as well as the “beachballgate” affair against Sunderland in football, and the World Series in US baseball. I am still yet to determine whether any teams other than those based in the US play in the supposed World Series!

Keep checking back to this site, I aim to update at least once a day, maybe more if I have time, maybe less if I’m busy at work.

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