Jan Moir Strikes Again

Posted: February 8, 2011 in Entertainment
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What does it take for someone to get fired from the Daily Fail for their bitter and spiteful views? Jan Moir has already survived the scandals over Stephen Gately and the subsequent fallout where she “apologised” but did not retract what she said. This time round, another celebrity is in the spotlight

Amanda Holden recently very tragically lost her unborn child at seven months. The celebrity world, and indeed many well-wishing non-famous members of the Twitter community were quick to pass their condolences through the social networking giant. Jan Moir doesn’t like this.

At best, it appears narcissistic. At worst, it is, surely, just plain, old-fashioned showing off. Not to mention self-seeking puffery of the very worst sort.

So to send condolences to someone for a devastating loss is self-seeking puffery? You horrible twisted woman. How sad does your life have to be that you can only see this in a well-intentioned public show of support? Would she rather everyone tweeted “I’m glad she lost the baby, no sympathy whatsoever for her…it’s her own fault for being famous!”

Of course, the Daily Mail will defend her right to free speech and all that, but there’s a difference between using free speech to express an opinion and using free speech to downright abuse people.

For a particular kind of focused, gimlet-eyed celebrity, there is no public currency in private sympathy, particularly as grief increasingly appears to have a social dimension these days. And to express it, either for yourself or particularly on behalf of others, is seen as giving you some kind of social cachet.

So a public show of support is self-serving and used only to get attention? What a hypocritical woman – all of her own articles are designed to be self-serving and used to draw attention to herself.
Condolences on the sad loss of your humanity, Ms Moir.

Link to the Daily Mail article in question through a proxy so as not to generate hits for the Daily Mail website.

  1. emma594 says:

    Jan Moir has only one redeeming feature. EVERYBODY hates her. She unifies us all – young, old, political, apathetic, whatever colour, race, religion, sexuality or political persuasion. This is the only reason for her existence. Actually giving her bile credence by reading it or commenting on it does no one any good. All it will do is raise your blood pressure and make you too nauseous to eat your lunch. Well done for using a proxy.

    FWIW, I was devastated when I heard about Amanda’s loss, as I’m sure were all decent human beings. Just so happens that Jan Moir isn’t one.

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