Naughty Nick Tells Massive Lie During Election

Posted: November 13, 2010 in Politics
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Today, The Guardian Newspaper revealed that before May’s General Election, the Liberal Democrats held secret meetings aimed at agreeing coalition terms in the likelihood of a hung parliament. During these meetings, the planned pledge on University tuition fees was discussed and it was acknowledged that the Lib Dem pledge to cut tuition fees would have to be scrapped. This article was leaked, marked confidential and dated 16th March. Despite this, Nick Clegg continued to campaign based on this pledge, as he knew it would gain the votes of many students, especially in his own constituency of Sheffield Hallam.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you’re a seated Lib Dem MP) there is nothing in the rulebook that states you have to tell the truth when it comes to making election pledges. If there had been, then right now we’d have a situation where there would be a fresh General Election, with voters armed with the knowledge of what the Tories actually plan to do as opposed to what they said before the election that they would do. This should put Labour right back in the driving seat on the political attack front, as all we see from Clegg and Cameron are statements of how they are trying to clean up the mess the last lot left behind, how they didn’t know it was this bad and had to change things etc. Sorry chaps, I don’t buy those arguments, all the figures would have been available to you before the election, and if Gideon didn’t do his homework properly then that’s not Labour’s fault.

“I believe it is time for promises to be kept”

Those words will haunt Nick Clegg for the longest time, especially as a shattered and broken Liberal Democrat party tries to pick up the pieces and effectively start again. I honestly think we shall see a different third party at the table come the next election, with the Green Party standing to gain an awful lot from the failures of the Lib Dems.

Students may never trust the party ever again, despite it being the party of choice for many young students who find that Conservative or Labour values don’t fit into their own. Whilst we often see changes in manifesto promises from campaign to Government, in my own lifetime I’ve never seen one quite as big as this. And whilst Governments may not always follow through on their pledges, that is not the same as campaigning on the grounds of a promise whilst knowing that that promise will not be upheld.

I think we are seeing the weakest Government this country has known, certainly since the days of John Major and another poor Conservative Government that almost ran the country into the ground. Tories at the moment focus on how Labour did that during their 13 years in power, but they are short-sighted when it comes to looking at what the country became under Labour power. We had the longest period of financial stability post-war, unemployment was low and we had an economy that was the envy of Europe, if not the world. What the Conservatives don’t seem to see is that we had ridden out the worst of the global economic downturn due to the stability that was in place beforehand, and that the downturn was caused by greedy bankers chasing ever-riskier money at every juncture.

Clegg admitted to UK Breakfast show Daybreak that he should not have signed the pre-election promise on tuition fees, but continued to state that he felt he could push them through. He has refused to directly answer whether he thinks that potential university fees of £9000 per year were more disastrous than he claimed that £7k fees would be, before the election.

There are many Lib Dem supporters and voters who now feel very cheated by the man who gave them their first taste of leadership, the man who has now got a taste of the power he can have and decides it enough to abandon his own political ideology. It is now time for what remains of the Liberal Democrat party to stand up and say “Enough is enough!”


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