John Terry, Wayne Bridge’s Ex And A Whole Load Of Fallout

Posted: February 2, 2010 in General, Sport
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Late last week, newspapers ran with the story of John Terry’s alleged affair with the forner fiancee of former Chelsea team-mate and good friend, Wayne Bridge. This was after Terry had attempted and failed to gain an injunction preventing the story from being broken “in the interests of privacy”. John Terry is the captain of Chelsea and England, and a major role-model for young people following football. Should people in his position be behaving like he has? How much of it is really in the public interest? There are parallels with Tiger Woods’ alleged infidelity, the difference being that here there is more than one wronged party.

John Terry is married and has twins, and for the most part has been a devoted dad to them. It appeared that he had mended his ways after the wild, laddish ways of his youth that saw him regularly in both the newspapers and in trouble for his drinking exploits. He was even taken to court for assault and affray, although he was later cleared on these charges. Terry was known as a bit of a “Jack The Lad” type, and assumed to be trouble by those outside of football. Over the years, he has become a great servant for Chelsea and for England, raising to become captain of both sides. In 2009 he was named “Dad Of The Year” after a poll by Daddies Sauce.

Wayne Bridge currently plays for Manchester City, having transferred there in the January 2009 transfer window. Previously to that, he had been a team-mate and a close personal friend of Terry during his time at Chelsea. Bridge has a son, Jaydon Jean Claude, by his former fiancee Vanessa Perroncel. At the moment, details are a little murky as to when the alleged affair took place and when Bridge and Perroncel separated, as is to be expected in a case such as this.

I’m keeping the same line I took when Tiger Woods’ affair was outed (albeit only because of his car accident), in that public people still do have a right to a private life. The difference in this case is that more people stand to be affected by anything else that reaches the public domain, and reports that Perroncel is looking for a tabloid deal to sell her story of the affair is not one I welcome at all. For one it smacks of the “Wag” culture that exists in football, with players earning unprecedented amounts of money and increasing numbers of women thinking that being a footballer’s wife/girlfriend is in fact a sensible career choice. The problem is people in the public eye will have almost every action scrutinised to the last detail, and so footballers are laying themselves open to this kind of eventuality. Wayne Bridge will suffer if this story gets sold and published, as he will most definitely not be wanting to have facets of his personal life discussed in the media. John Terry will suffer (and some may say rightfully so) as his reputation takes a hit. Terry’s wife suffers as she will now have to deal with the fallout from her husband’s transgressions. The children of both players will suffer as their families are broken apart by the whole fiasco. And England’s football team will suffer, as this is a World Cup year and Capello will not be happy that this will cast a shadow over his team’s preparations.

The question is what will happen next?

Terry has been backed by Chelsea after they stated he will retain the captaincy at his club, but Capello has not yet made a decision on Terry’s future as England captain. Wayne Bridge may be tempted to retire from international level football if he feels he can no longer work with Terry (and this could impact on Capello’s decision also). All of Terry’s future actions will be played out in the media, and if Capello feels this will disrupt England’s preparations then he will have no hesitation in removing Terry from the captaincy, and if necessary, the squad. Capello has a decent selection of players who could take over the captaincy where necessary, with players like Steven Gerrard, Rio Ferdinand and even Wayne Rooney touted as possible captains.

My final words go to Wayne and John.

Wayne, you can and should take the moral high ground here. You’ve behaved with dignity and kept quiet ever since the story broke, and can hold your head high for the way you’ve conducted yourself. You have a wonderful son, but you should also be thanking your lucky stars that your ex isn’t trying to sell her story about her life with you. You deserve better, so keep your head up and smile.

John, you should be ashamed. You had a lovely wife and kids, the respect of all your team-mates and of fans, and a good life. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, my friend, and by having that one affair you could have endangered almost everything you’ve worked so hard for over your career. If I were you, I’d get my head down, say nothing, work hard and prove to people you can earn their trust again. You silly, silly boy.

  1. John terry should be ashamed of him self 4 cheating on his lovely wife n country. Capello should take off dat captain frm him n gv it to steven gerald. He doesn’t even deserve to b in dat team, in dis coming world cup
    .inorder nt to affect d team spirit of winning d cup.

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