Twit Wars – Duncan Bannatyne shows his sense of humour!

Posted: December 30, 2009 in Entertainment
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Okay okay, so the title isn’t quite true…

Yesterday, Ross Noble got his Twitter followers to “Twitbomb” Duncan Bannatyne’s Twitter account with silly questions and absurd Dragon’s Den proposals, in order to hopefully solicit a humourous response from the surly Scottish businessman. It’s known as “Twitterbombardment” and is a way of brightening up many people’s days. This is a very recent phenomenon, started by Noble, and has proven very successful so far…his first target, Labour MP Kerry McCarthy, was probably a little surprised at first, but to her absolute credit she played along and responded to as many questions as she could through the day, so she gets my vote as “MP Of The Year”. Although others have proven slightly less successful (The Vatican twitter feed failed to respond) it’s been a very fun way of spending an afternoon.

For some reason though, Bannatyne has taken offence to the way Noble has gone about this, and has since posted a couple of very curt twits in response…”Ross is a desperate fame seeking liar”, “He told 33,000 of you to send me messages and this prevented me tweeting with my loyal followers”, and the classic “As soon as he started the bombardment he called the press to tell them”. Grow a sense of humour, big Dunc! It’s only a bit of fun, so play along! But no, Duncan is far too up himself to bother playing along with such childish behaviour. Dunc is currently out in the South Of France with his family, having flown by private jet from Teesside airport (Newcastle was closed so he had the jet diverted there). He takes great pride in showing people what he can afford an they can’t, often tweeting photos of his things, and where he is…Duncan, you may do some stuff for charity, but it does not give you the right to be a grumpy little swine. Have a laugh, play along, you’ll find that people will respect you far more than if you play the whole “I’m too big and rich to play along with you minions” card.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to next week’s Twitbomb Tuesday, and I wonder who Noble will suggest for us…I’ve thought of Boris Johnson, and LeVar Burton so far, but am struggling to think about who might play along with it…any suggestions? Send a tweet to Ross at and let him know, and then follow him ready to play along next week!

Have a great New Year and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!


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