Famous For Being Famous – a follow-up

Posted: December 23, 2009 in Entertainment, World News
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Today, Richard and Mayumi Heene, the parents involved in the “Balloon Boy” hoax of October this year, were sentenced to jail in a Colorado court. Richard Heene will spend 90 days in jail, whilst his wife Mayumi will spend 20 days locked up.

To me this represents a fair punishment for the crime this couple committed in a bid to market themselves to reality TV shows. I hope that the court are sensible about the timing of the sentences and will ensure that the children of the couple are thought of…I would guess that they will be placed in the care of a relative during the sentence. Also, the sentence will probably only last for 50% of its course depending on good behaviour, the remaining 50% being served on license at their own home. In court, Mr Heene apologised for his actions to the rescue crews and his local community. As part of his sentence, Mr Heene was ordered to undergo four years of supervised probation and forbidden to profit financially from the events in this case. Again, this seems fair, as it will prevent the Heene family from using the whole situation to their financial advantage.

I’m hoping that people will look at this case fully, and realise that stupidity is not the way to get into the limelight. The bubble has burst on the reality TV sector, with Big Brother being cancelled by Channel 4 (which removes a section of stupid people from our screens and allows for more intelligent programming), and other shows losing audiences. I only wonder what the next big fad will be since we’ve worked through reality shows, game shows, gardening shows, home improvement and property shows, cookery shows…perhaps it’s time to bin the cheap, easy-to-make shows and replace them with shows actually worth watching. Let’s see more nature shows, more intelligent drama, more educational programmes. The onus is on the BBC to provide this and lead the way…unfortunately though, the might of Sky means that the BBC has already shifted away from dramas to cheaper productions.

It’s time for the people to make a stand. What kind of programming do you want on TV? Do you think we should watch less TV and enjoy real life more? Are the media scaremongering you into believing it’s not safe outside your own front door?


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