Simon Cowell says “Rage Campaign is Scrooge-like”

Posted: December 16, 2009 in Entertainment
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So Simon Cowell has thrown a tantrum over the Facebook-led campaign to block the X Factor winner Joe McElderry’s first single from the Christmas number one slot.  His view is that it is “cynical, stupid and very Scrooge”. How on Earth he can have this view when for the last however many years he has orchestrated his X Factor (and before that Pop Stars and Pop Idol) show to coincide with the Christmas charts is entirely beyond me.

The public are beginning to speak on the issue of “reality tv” and “talent shows” with Big Brother already cancelled after next year’s final series…perhaps it’s time to boot the easy money shows of Simon’s off the airwaves too. His hypocrisy on the issue of Christmas Number One 2009 is astounding. Cynical? Isn’t having a show that runs 3 months a year and finishes JUST in time for the release week before Christmas a bit cynical? Scrooge? With all the money Simon has made from marketing and franchising all of his various shows, where is the money to be pumped back into TV for quality television programmes and dramas? Simon Cowell is like a black hole for ITV at the moment, he is sucking all their cash into his show and should he leave, ITV would surely die completely. Unfortunately, as I’ve stated many times on this blog and in person, the world is obsessed with the idea of celebrity at the moment. People are sheep, and the media knows this. Nobody would knoe they even wanted a show like X Factor if it had never even been commissioned. It started with Big Brother, and progressively over the years the people applying tried to make themselves appear more and more vapid and self-obsessed, as that’s what the producers wanted…normal people don’t make for great TV as the first series showed them.

So we had a glut of reality shows, talent shows, phone-in shows. That’s where the money is, and that’s the cynical way of making money. That’s right. Simon’s various shows, all with high-cost, premium-rate phone and text numbers, are there purely to make him money, nothing else. Of course, by law, they have to provide a free method of entering as well, so people should all make sure they look that method up and use purely that method to enter. We’d soon see Simon complaining that people weren’t making him money, and that by using the free method, they were being cynical. Way to insult your viewing base, Cowell.

I predict this fad will run its course in the next couple of years, and Cowell can retire to his mansion in the tropics and feel fully happy with his own behaviour. When that day comes when X Factor is cancelled, I for one shall be throwing a party…until the next Cowell fad comes along. Word is that he wants to get involved in politics, specifically he wants to be the one to televise live political debates. No doubt this will involve premium-rate phone numbers and voting for which leader has made the best case. Cowell, we don’t need your show. We can decide who has made the best case for ourselves. It’s called the General Election.


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