Tiger Woods – An Obituary

Posted: November 27, 2009 in Entertainment, Sport
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Today, the world lost one of its most influential and recognisable sportspeople, the professional golfer, Tiger Woods. Herein lies my tribute to the greatest golfer of his generation.

Tiger Woods came to fame in the mid 90s as one of the only black golf players on the professional tour, and possessing a humongous drive was regarded as instantly commercially viable to many different companies, such as Nike and General Motors, among others. He won his first major title at the age of 21, just under a year after turning professional, and he went on to win a total of 14 Majors. He even held all four majors at once, which became known as the “Tiger Slam” but not considered a true Grand Slam because he did not win them all in the same calendar year.

Tiger continued to rise throughout his golfing career, and it appeared nothing at all could stop him. But surgery on a knee that had troubled him for a few years took a lot of effort to recover from, but recover he did and landed his fourteenth major title, the US Open, in 2008. It appeared as though Woods had got back on track in his golfing life. He was a quiet individual, not one to talk about his life outside of sport, and that should be commended in today’s celebrity-driven culture where everyone wants their fifteen minutes of fame. Sadly, today’s accident in his home state of Florida means that there will be no more dramatic Tiger finales, no more of those booming long drives down the fairway, no more…news just in…Tiger Woods has been released from hospital with minor cuts and bruises.

So yeah…forget the obituary.


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