“I’m not being racist but…”

Posted: October 23, 2009 in Politics
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Nick Griffin on Question Time. I think the questions aimed at him took entirely the wrong line. We all know about his views on immigration, and how he thinks multiculturalism is killing this country, so why were all the questions put to him about that? All it did was give him the ability to come out and say he was bullied, that he felt forced into a corner, and that it was rigged against him. Which creates a victim, and that increases his chances of gaining support throughout the country.

It was completely the wrong tack, what they should have done instead was question his policies on economics, education, laws, military, things like that. And shown him up for what he is, a chancer who is using current unrest in the country to his own advantage. In a flourishing country with a booming economy there’s no way on earth we’d even be in this situation, but because of the failures of the current Government, here we are. the BNP aren’t going to win an election, but the statistic that has come out that worries me particularly, is the one quoted by the BBC, that 22% of people questioned since the Question Time show aired would consider voting BNP. This, no doubt, is not an accurate cross-section of the public, but a quick straw-poll in a small area. But it worries me immensely. What if the BNP start gaining seats? It is a reality, especially in some of the worse-off areas of the country.

What the BBC should do now is put Griffin and Paxman in a room and let them do a one-to-one interview. No mention of race, religion or anything like that, but concentrating purely on other policies and seeing how much of a fool Griffin can make of himself. Let him show himself up, and then let Paxman stixk the knife in in that particular, yet ultra-professional way that he has. Remember Paxman asking Michael Howard the same question 12 times before getting a response that was anywhere near answering his question? Let’s see how Griffin handles that particular fire. Or better yet, let Krishnan Guru-Murthy interview him, for the real fun and games!

  1. jonolan says:

    Supposedly 3000 people signed up with the BNP the night of show. All in all, a good showing for Griffin and the BNP.

    You’re right to be concerned. The BNP’s claims and fears have a basis in actual, irrefutable fact. That makes their response to those underlying problems all the more scary because they offer a “solution” to those real problems to people in those worse-off areas.

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